Welcome to 1600 Ingredient Street

1600 Ingredient Street, or “1600 iStreet” as we like to call it (no big computer company, please don’t slay us!!!) is a little corner of the world, an all-in-one website for culinarians of all stripes to look up all kinds of stuff related to cooking and the culinary arts as an academic/trade discipline and as a profession. We just got started and we’re a work in progress. We like to think of this as your website. If there’s any information you’d like to see on this website, a culinary Hungarian vocabulary word, a cool restaurant you’d like to see mentioned, or a recently-invented octopus fillet technique you’d like to share with the world, please drop us a note. We aim to please:) —1600 Ingredient Street Power Team, 1600street@gmail.com

Here’s what 1600 iStreet’s distinguished visitors are saying:

“Thanks for that awesome blog post write-up about Kitchen Monki! We are thrilled that you love the site and hope that it helps your cooking life. Thanks for spreading the word and let me know if you need any help at all. Cheers!” ~Dan, Kitchen Monki Community Director

“Hi there! Thank you so much for including the Ballston Farmers Market in your list of Farmers Markets. I just wanted to let you know that our day & hours have changed. We are now every Thursday from 3:00pm-7:00. We changed the hours so the folks who live in Ballston can frequent the market as well as the people who work in the area. We still have live music from 4:00-6:00. Please check out of blog at ballstonfarmersmarket.blogspot.com for more info. Thanks again!” ~Jess, Market Manager


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