Kitchen Monki

30 Jul

Kitchen Monki is a meal planner, an organizational tool, a recipe archive, a vibrant social media community and so much more. I bumped into these friendly folks on Twitter and the name alone peaked my fascination. “A monkey in the kitchen? Why, what pray tell are you talking about?” I thought to myself.

It turns out that a name and an email address gets you into this seriously fun club and on the double-stacked, super expressway to a meal planning experience not unlike that of an executive chef at a high-end restaurant or country club. According to Kitchen Monki’s website, “is no ordinary recipe warehouse like those found so many other places on the Internet. Kitchen Monki is THE Storage Unit and Power Recipe Organizer for People on the Go. Once recipes are in the Kitchen Monki system, you are now able to unlock other Powerful Foodie Tools.”

The site allows members to plan meals for one, a family or a dinner party by scaling recipes and by offering suggestions for salads, sides and desserts. However, the piece de resistance is that the website also creates a PDF printable recipe and shopping list to stuff in a pocket or purse on the way to the supermarket and to lay on the counter to refer to while cooking. Shopping lists can also be texted (this needs to be an official word people!) to a loved one, maid or personal chef, who’s out and about running errands. There’s more… members can rate and review the recipes they just made, and/or ate, to either promote or forewarn culinarian friends. Brilliant!

Bottom line: Join Kitchen Monki and try it out for yourself. It’s loads of fun and we’re not gettin’ paid to say so. –Chef Lois, 1600 Ingredient Street Power Team


2 Responses to “Kitchen Monki”

  1. Jeff E. July 30, 2010 at 5:23 pm #

    If you haven’t yet used Kitchen Monki, you should. It’s like having iTunes for your recipes. It keeps your OWN recipes at your fingertips and – what I love the most – it can text my grocery list to my phone based on my weekly meal plan. I love it!

    • Ingredient Street Power Team July 30, 2010 at 5:30 pm #

      I definitely agree that mobile access is a huge plus with so much of our lives being on our cell phone these days.

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